FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

If my pet dies at home what should I do?

The staff at Trails End is available 7 days a week to assist your family. At the time of death your family can call (860) 399-5420 and arrange to bring your pet to the crematorium.

How do I know that the remains returned to me are actually my pet?

Trails End understands how important your pet is to your family. We also understand that you have placed your trust in us to return your pets remains to you. To ensure that each pet is treated with dignity and clearly identified throughout the cremation process, we follow a strict identification process. Each pet pick up from a veterinarian office or brought to Trails End for cremation is assigned a specific identification tag that remains with this animal until it is reunited with his or her family again.

If my pet is being put to sleep at my veterinarian's office, how do I know the cremation is being done locally?

When a pet is put to sleep at a veterinary clinic , the pet owner has the option to have their pet cremated . Some veterinary clinic use a local crematory, such as Trails End, while others may choose to use an out of state crematorium. The benefits of using a local crematorium are the remains are returned in a more efficient manner and the peace of mind knowing that your pet is being cared for locally and not being transported out of state for cremation.