Pet Owners

When you lose a faithful companion, it is a very emotional time. We know that pets hold a special place in our home. The void that is left behind by the loss of a pet creates a sorrow in the lives of family members. It is only natural that you desire an appropriate way to say farewell to a pet that has meant so much in your life.

Honoring your pet through cremation

Pet loss, whether anticipated or sudden is a tragic event. Pet owners often find themselves unprepared to make final decisions for their beloved pet. Upon the passing of your pet, your will be making some decisions that will forever memorialize your pet. Understanding the options available to you will help you make that decision easier when the time comes.

Understanding the cremation process

If your pet's passing takes place at a veterinarians office, they usually have a relationship with a crematorium. This facility is a regulated establishment that has a cremation chamber, exclusively for animals. The process of cremation uses extreme heat to reduce the body to cremated remains, or cremains. Also commonly referred to ashes.

Private Cremation

Private cremation includes: Trails End will pick up your pet from your veterinary clinic and conduct a caring private cremation for your pet only, placement of cremated remains in decorative container or for an additional cost, an urn of your choice. You also receive certificate of cremation. Your pets cremated remains are delivered back to your veterinarian to be reunited with your family.

Communal Cremation

Communal Cremation Includes: Trails End will pick up your pet from your veterinary clinic and conduct a communal cremation with your pet and others. The cremated remains of these pets will be laid to rest amongst our serene country setting. Communal cremation provides a dignified memorial at a modest cost. Certificates of cremation for communal cremations are available upon request.