The passing of a pet is a traumatic experience for all involved from the family to the veterinary care provider. Trails End makes it their priority to provide to all those involved from the pet, their family, and the veterinary care provider , a caring, professional memorial.

Trails End will do this by providing:

- Timely, ethical, and professional cremation services
- Assurance that the cremated remains are returned to the correct owner
- Cremated remains are returned within a reasonable time
- Providing in state cremation, deceased pets never leave the state of Connecticut for cremation.

Customized, Scheduled Pickups

Trails End will schedule daily or weekly pick ups to meet with your clinic's requirements. If emergency pickups are required , please contact our office to make arrangements.

Identification Authenticity Procedure

Trails End assigns each pet an identification number when they are picked up at your clinic. This tag will remain with the pet throughout cremation. A Certificate of cremation, with the tag, pets name, owners name, is returned to the owner with the remains. The identification procedure insures that the correct pet is reunited with their family.